Rascals of Elturel

A Song of Fire and Flaying

Game XII

Last time, having spent the night in a store room in the Undercellar, the Heroes met back up with Layla at her newly acquired bar (acquired from the late Fetcher). She had a team of people running about cleaning the place up and taking care of odds and ends. While waiting for her to escort the Heroes to the Upper City, Layla revealed some newfound information.

Layla had log books from the Fetcher that pointed to a few regular deliveries and some possible pick ups from his store rooms. The books were encoded so it wasn’t totally clear who was doing what and when, but they got a few names and found a few patterns that led them to those conclusions. Possibly related, they found a nearly empty store room with broken clay pots on the floor. The name Felogyr / BG was etched into several of the bowls – which also appeared to have alchemical residue that might have been characteristic of smokepowder. Many theories as to what this meant and its implications flew around. This needed to be reported to Silvershield. Besides, they needed help from the man of Gond to hopefully free Xin from her cursed state.

Before departing, the very injured Darria was laying back in the office, with her shriveled stump-of-an-arm, being tended to by Niobi. Apparently divine healing magics had been applied and were of no long lasting use on the wound. Darria spoke up then, thanking each of the Heroes for saving her life, again. She emotionally spoke of her step-mother, Andolyn, who appeared out of nowhere the day after the Heroes last saw her. She seemed frantic and was speaking in harsh tongue, that some of the Heroes recognized as Abyssal. Chef Griot and Darria tried to run, but then everything felt of heat and cold, and then darkness. She awoke in a cell, only to be taken to the sacrificial chamber she was found in several days later. She does not know what became of her father or Andolyn. There was something else, Darria’s description of her step-mother sounded familiar, very similar – yet not quite exact – of another sorcerer that was on the Heroes target list.

Shortly after, Darria and Niobi left to go to a friend’s home in Lower City, while Layla started to guide the friends to the Upper City once more.

This time, they made it to the exit without incident and parted ways with Layla. In the dead of night, they crossed the foggy, silent Upper City, lead by the disguised Uruag, as a member of the Watch. Decided time was of the essence, they went directly to Silvershield’s Estate, instead of waiting until morning.

At first they were denied entry by the guards, even when their writ was produced. But, pleading with the guard and mentioning the smokepowder and cult to the guard gained them entrance after he checked inside.

They were taken to a large circular atrium inside the manor house itself. There, they found Silvershield in his robes, clearly having been woken out of his sleep. They also noticed there were several guards in the trees and brush surrounding.

Filling in Silvershield on selected bits of their experiences since they last saw him – most especially making sure to skip the specifics of their relations with the Guild. They urged a meeting between the Guild and the city in order to form a truce. Silvershield seemed doubtful of the Guild’s intentions with such a meeting, although he said it might be a wise course of action. Then, the news of the Cult of Bhaal set the Duke back on his heals. He said he was worried something like this may be exactly what the Guild’s plans were all along. The Heroes followed this up with the news of the smokepowder stores they believe they found with the Fetcher, and that they believed the Cult might be planning a very large attack soon. While the salt-and-peppered man tried to take all of this in, the friends pleaded with him to try and heal their friend Xin from the curse placed by the cult. He agreed to try and said he needed to get some of his holy materials for this and would be back momentarily. He leaves.

A moment or two of silence followed by the sound of the door locking set all nerves on edge. An unfamiliar voice from an unknown location ordered the Heroes to disarm and put their arms in the air. Without hesitation, they acted, attacking the men that were in the shadows. They hit several of the guards before they made a single strike. An all-out fight ensued, people darting in and out of the trees and bushes. Both sides fought the battle valiantly until Vogel’s magic set the room ablaze. The heat crisping the brows of everyone, Vogel didn’t stop there and called upon a wave of thunder that both took several of the guards down, but shattered the glass atrium above. The falling glass killed the remaining guards.

Chasing down Silvershield, with the intention of rescuing him, they followed tracks that implied he might have gone upstairs. Following the stairs of a tower to his office, and then up additional stairs that went up the outside of the tower, they could not find the man.

Looking out of the tower, into foggy night of Baldur’s Gate, peering beyond the raging fire that had caught in Silvershield’s home – they could see several people rushing towards the estate. They also just caught a glimpse of what appeared to be Silvershield’s robes and a couple of people near him running through a gate at the north end of his large compound. While trying to discern whether he was fleeing voluntarily or under duress, the tower shook with a might KABOOM!

An explosion blew the tower to bits, sending rock and fire and concussive force at the heroes. They all were saved by Vogel’s quick thinking of Feather Fall. Uruag slid on the air itself. Most shocking, beyond the enormous explosion, was that Vogel sprouted leathery wings that guided her softly to the ground.

In the fiery rubble, the Heroes were trying to catch their breath, but there was no time to lose – they ran north along the compound. What will happen next?



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