Rascals of Elturel

Major Altar-ations

Game XV

Last time in Baldur’s Gate… the Heroes of Baldur’s Gate found themselves in a sticky situation, inside a surgical chamber inside the High Hall of Wonders, the Church of Gond. This appeared to be a place of respite, a place where they could potentially expel whatever curse befell their friend Xin. But, as she laid, face down upon a stone slab – again restrained – none other than Duke Torlin Silvershield stepped into the room, in highly decorated garb, in order to perform the exorcism.


Ander and Vogel were behind glass, surrounded by worshippers of Gond. Xin immediately began screaming at the Duke, the man who they were accused of murdering. Supe was fairly torn, but pleasantly surprised to see the leader of his faith.

The Heroes, except Supe, demanded answers. As to the what’s, why’s, and how’s of Silvershield’s disappearance and now reappearance. Silvershield started to answer, when he triggered a change in the floor. A giant machine rose out of the floor surrounding Xin – something that looked like something out of Supe’s dreams, full of levers, metal arms, bubbling cauldrons, saws, fire, and hammers.


While Xin smoldered, Supe climbed on the contraption, and Ander and Vogel schemed a plan of attack. Silvershield spoke of his plan to rebuild the city – that the city was broken and as a devotee of Gond, it needed to be made “better”. He spoke of creating something that was in line with the Wonderbringer, Lord Gond himself. That he spoke directly to the Lord and he gave him the ways to bring peace to the land, order to the chaos. Silvershield lured Supe in with these words, and to be certain his words worked, he used a divine charm upon the unlucky gnome. He then went on to say that the words of Imbralym Skoond were right – everything he said – proclaiming that you all were fabricators of this ‘Cult of Bhaal’, agitators, heads of the Guild, and likely caused the death of Duke Abdel Adrian and countless others.

Then, as Vogel and Ander magically put several cultists to sleep and began to attack others, Silvershield spoke of a great sacrifice that is coming – that with tomorrows plans, the foot soldiers of Gond will arrive and rebuild it all. With that, he orders Supe to activate the machine – which the compelled gnome does with glee. The machine makes tremendous noise and whirrs and then the large hammer falls upon Xin – stopping inches above her.

Then, all hell breaks loose.

The machine spins out of control. Fights break out in the viewing terrace. Glass shatters. Ice storms form. Wooden tables becomes terrifying wood golems. Full plate metal animates and attacks. Some Gond acolytes flee – some stay to defend Silvershield.


Suddenly Xin is in major pain and turns red, grows horns and a tail, and devolves into a murderous rage.


The fight is intense, with Silvershield dealing out lots of pain in defensive spells, spells that seem both goodly divine and darkly wicked and arcane.

After an intense battle, all are joined on the ground floor in a fight against Silvershield, when he pops into existence from a blink spell in the face of Vogel – he misfires a deadly spell. At which time everyone gets a murderous blow off against the head of the Church of Gond. But, the final blow comes from an unexpected blast of necrotic black energy from Xin’s hand, which levels the old man. He falls to the ground… dead.

With the room now near empty, the Heroes gather Silvershield’s body and recover from the major event. Knowing Church members would be arriving very soon, the group flees through Silvershield’s dressing room.

They find a hidden door leading down below the previous chamber, which leads to a giant workshop. It appears to be some kind of exclusive workshop, perhaps only accessed by Silvershield, but that is unknown. The contraption clear was built (and raised) from here.

Upon further investigation, the Heroes find another secret room, a small tunnel that one must crawl through, and avoid traps, to get to. A sickly feeling small cave, with no light is here. The evil energy is thick. There is an arcane summoning circle here. It has a distorted symbol of Gond in the center. The Heroes suspect Silvershield found this and thought he was speaking to Gond, but perhaps made a pact with something far more sinister. The Heroes fled the scene.


Needing to escape this place, they found an exit that leads out of the chamber and into the Undercellar below. With so much revealed, and yet still a mystery, the Heroes set out to discover what dangers await next.



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