Low Lantern

The Low Lantern

An aging, three-masted merchant ship rocks gently in the water alongside the Stormshore Street dock on the harbor’s east side. Ostensibly a festhall, a tavern, and a gambling house, the Low Lantern also serves as a place for covert meetings in which sensitive and illicit plans can be discussed without fear of eavesdroppers.

The open upper deck is a place of hanging lamps, genteel repartee, smoking, and drinking. All the wilder goings-on at the place normally happen belowdecks, but special parties can be arranged to take place in the rigging and sail booms for those who are willing to brave the heights and able to pay the high fee.

Most patrons arrive armed, and rowdiness is common, but the Low Lantern’s ex-pirate “crew” moves quickly to quell large brawls and prevent fires. The “Lady Captain” Laraelra Thundreth owns the oft leaking and hastily repaired vessel.


Is is currently closed down by the Flaming Fist.

Low Lantern

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