Monk of the Order of the Hidden Hand

Ryllyn, a Monk of the Order of the Hidden Hand, the same monastic order as Uraug.

She is passing through Baldur’s Gate tracking down a series of disappearing women along the Sword Coast – seemingly centered in-and-around Baldur’s Gate. Her investigation was coming up with nothing but cold leads, until she tracked down a girl from the Outer City named, Helen, who had disappeared two weeks ago. Ryllyn tracked her and two assailant’s tracks inside the city, to a small street in Brampton. The trail then went cold… again. Just like all of the rest. She finds an empty house, and a sacrificial chamber in it’s basement.

Ryllyn found out about Uruag being in the Gate from her description as a Hero of the Wide. Now she sought out her half-orc sister.


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