Rascals of Elturel

Ambush at Sow's Foot

Game VI

The Heroes of the Wide, became the Heroes of Sow’s Foot as well, although the exact circumstances of this are still being hashed out. It all started with the intrepid adventurers stepping deep into demonic unholy ground. Seeing poor Danthelon the dwarf, stiff, bleeding and bloated in his own bed, the heroes were sick to their stomachs. Then, the ring of fire that circled the opposite wall, a ring that looked suspiciously similar to a familiar ring encircling a skull they had seen recently, was extinguished. Plunged into darkness, poor Ander the Halfling, received a painful bite on his arm from the now ghoulish and horrific undead Danthleon – he falls to the ground, paralyzed with necrotic energy.

Uruag quickly steps in, taking a dangerous jab at the now-present floating Axe of Doom, only to discover the axe wasn’t all that it seemed. Unfortunately, a panic filled her normally calm demeanor and she growled out in terror of the sights before her. Quick thinking led to the elven witch, Vogel, brightening things up with her rat friend Swarly’s help – the rat became a beacon of arcane light in these tight quarters.

Soon after, Supe called upon Gond to free Ander from his plight, and Xin the horde breaker sliced the floating Axe in half, revealing tiny demonic legs and spilling guts of fiery brimstone. Vogel had her hands full fighting what appeared to be flame-touched demonic bats. Everyone rallied, Ander spilling the innards of the now prone Danthelon, Vogel and Uruag taking out the two fire-bats, and Supe and Xin finishing off the axe-turned-imp. The quick, but odd, thinking elf saved the building from going up in a blaze, by spooning out some everlasting pissing shrimp stew onto the embers caused by the demon innards, snuffing them out for good.

Fleeing the scene quickly after, before they truly lost their lunch, they ran outside for fresh air. They notice a mysterious persona non grata watching them upon the bridge. Soon the whole team took chase, hopping upon their horses and taking flight after the fleeing bandit.

The action takes them around Balduran’s Outlook to the slums of Sow’s Foot. The stink of swine assaults their senses, but is a welcome change to the brimstone and bile they just left. With Xin leading the charge, they twist and wind through the maze of shacks and makeshift homes. Uruag, normally one of the strongest riders, could not hold onto her mount and was tossed from saddle through the side of one of the homes.

Meanwhile, the others arrived down a long alley where the trail went cold. Upon investigation, it is believed the villain took to the roofs, so Ander takes a quick peek. He didn’t like what he saw – arrows flying at his face from several attackers in all black.

Taking an arrow in the shoulder, Ander fell to the ground. Soon, the three friends are being rained down upon with arrows. Xin, taking quick action, leapt upon the roof to face off with five of the attackers. She bravely dealt lethal blows to a few of them, holding back her own death. The quick-thinking Halfling ran inside a building, with plans to take it down from below, but finding a family of four inside. He tried to get them to flee for their lives, when a giant thunderclap shakes the foundation of the poorly made home. The elf sorceress called upon the mystic arts to attack the assassins all at once.

The buildings shook, the concussive force called forth by Vogel kills several of the bushwackers outright. The rest, including poor Xin, fell off the building to the alley floor, as the surrounding buildings collapsed inward upon the narrows. Sheet metal, splintered wood and dust flew everywhere. No-one was completely spared from the chaos, save the elf at the epicenter.

It was the collateral damage that was most devastating. Tragically, the mother of the family was impaled by a falling beam, and one of their two daughters was caught in the arm – the former was killed instantly, while the latter lingered at deaths door. Supe jumps to the rescue, calling upon Gond to heal his fallen allies and the innocents. This is when Ander leapt into action and chopped mightily with his sword, with the help of the girls’ father, to free the girl from the fallen beam. After several desperate blows, they break the thing and free the girl from her plight, saving her life.

The heroes quickly finished off the rest of the people in black, although one of them did escape into the night. Soon, Xin was on that one’s bloody trail. She tracked them back to the main road after some hunting. Ander, searching the bodies, discovered they were carrying nothing except their weapons and very finely inlaid studded leather armor. The leader of the group also carried a hand-scrawled note stating to, “Kill them. Reward 200.” But what does this mean? Who were these would-be killers?

After tending to the many wounded, the heroes ran off, now all-but-horseless, towards Baldur’s Gate, following the trail of the one who fled. Interestingly, when the person was passing by Little Calimishan, they didn’t seem to head towards it. In fact, their pace appeared to have hastened and their blood suddenly ran freer. As morning light broke, the group noticed several people huddled around a dead body, close to the city gates. The body, dressed all in black, their back was littered with sharp arrows.

They casually walked on by, entering the city. As they traveled, they see more signs of civil unrest, as they headed to Upper City and their beds at the Watch Citadel.

Arriving at the Citadel, they were strangely questioned upon entering the complex. They rested in the barracks, Supe’s constructed bed for Vogel torn down. Another daytime rest brings back much needed energy.

About sundown, a messenger delivered a sealed note to Vogel which stated, “The citadel is not safe. You must leave.” They did.

Heading back to the Three Old Kegs in the Temple District of Upper City, they were warmly greeted by Brunkhurn, the registrar. Soon after, a party starts in the downstairs bar, as Vogel was encouraged to embrace her inner-elf and once again danced to the tunes of Terrence the bard. Her movement wild, Terrence played along, quietly, never missing a beat for the sultry she-elf.

The ranger decided to investigate their next quarry with Klalbrot, the bartender. Asking him about the local wool traders and Norold Dlusker, the old man seemed to know the patriar, but didn’t speak too highly of him, saying the rotund man was over-priced. He also spoke of rumors that the man’s family fortune was close to depleted, and most people didn’t care for the man, although he was not sure the reason. He recommended another trader to you.

Unfortunately, all of the local revelry and the horrible sights of the last twenty-four hours, and – plainly – the ugly disparity between the worlds of Sow’s Foot and the Temple District, drove the ordinarily chaotic, but level-headed gnome of Gond past his breaking point. He questions Klalbrot’s motives and an argument ensued. Vogel and Xin tried to keep the peace and Klalbrot never lost his cool. He tried to get the, upset and presumed drunk, gnome back to his room for his own safety. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and through the tight bonds of friendship and true companionship, Vogel and Uruag listen to the gnomes grievances, agree with him, and they all calm back in Supe’s room.

Meanwhile, Xin laughed it all off and pried a bit further about Norold and the patriars. While never saying anything specifically negative about the “noble class”, Klalbrot didn’t seem overly fond of the idea of them, although he admitted they are essential to Baldur’s Gate.

At the end of another long and weary day, the Rascals of Elturel go to sleep once more. Fore, tomorrow they gather their wits to move as a unit, focused against the most dangerous enemy of all… the overweight wool trader Norold Dlusker. The baa-a-a-dest of the baa-a-a-ad. Will this wool trader be a wolf in sheep’s’ clothing? It’s between him and ewe. Ramming your thick heads together. Will he on the lamb next? Will he take your five mud for his two sheep? What wool happens next? Next time, on “The Sundering.”



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