Rascals of Elturel

Out of the Past

Game IX

In the wake of a fight with a group of white-clad rogues from the Guild at Norold Dlusker’s Heapside home in the Lower City, the Heroes patched themselves up, while assessing their situation. They decided to interrogate their captured Guild representative to see if they could discern why they were attacked. It was soon clear that this was an unfortunate and deadly misunderstanding. While they spoke, the fat sheep-slinger left the house to retrieve the Flaming Fist, since he recently realized that the Heroes were not who they said they were.

As the Fist bounded their way up the steps, the Rascals and Donna the “Guilded” rogue leapt out of the window to the roof across the way. After making their escape, Donna agreed to deliver a message to the mysterious halfling woman who led their group, Stiletto – and also to Rilsa – they wanted to meet.

A time was set for the next day and the Heroes needed to recover from the day’s events. Fearing interference or worse in Upper City, they found their way to an inn called the Elfsong Tavern near the exit to Outer City. It was a strange and magical place, with a fascinating stuffed pint-sized beholder hanging above the bar. The high concentration of elves in the eclectic mix of personage, was not too surprising given the name of the place. The moment of wonder came when they headed up to their rooms and a haunting melody struck everyone in the bar dead in their tracks. To each of them, the ghostly song sang of a yearning of something that they did not have. The feminine tune particularly hit Vogel most dumb of all – while not magically compelled, she could not help herself from being entranced by the elven voice from afar.

After the tune ended, everyone went to bed, except the Little Bird, who did some asking around. She discovered a man named Eolfin, a kind elf who was mapping out the world in search of the elven kingdom of Evermeet. He explained the legend of the ghostly voice and it’s attachment to this in. In addition he spoke of Content Not Found: alan-alyth, the half-elf owner, who brought in fine ales from Everska to serve in this place. Finishing up, she made haste back upstairs to avoid getting hit on by the numerous humans who seemed to fetishize the elves here.

The next day, the group exited to city and wandered around, trying to find their meeting spot. On their way out, they were shaken down by the Flaming Fist, who were roughing up a number of people, most especially anyone resembling a halfing or gnome, in supposed search for a killer on the loose. Ander was particular pushed around, insulted, severely threated, shoved, and all around dealt injustice by two members of the Fist. Although, little did they know, this was indeed the two half-men they were looking for. They were released and left to leave the city.

Shaking that off, they were soon found by the Guild, and taken to a large shanty nearby, where they were to meet with the halfling from last night.

The meeting started smoothly, with apologies all around for the fight the previous evening. But soon, this line of discussion was derailed by a sudden revelation – this woman, Stiletto of the Guild, was none other than Ander’s long lost mother. A heartfelt, though somewhat awkward reunion took place, while the others stepped out of the room. Stiletto, known also as Shaena Riverwend, explained how she did not mean to leave Ander those many years ago; that she and his father, Merric, were kidnapped by pirates from the Elturel port. She was raped and tortured for years, separated from both husband and child. It was not until The Guild happened upon the ship she was on, that she and a few others were rescued. She had to rebuild, and, although she looked for Ander, she could not find him – and she knows not what became of Merric. Soon, she joined the Guild and learned several tricks of the trade. And now she fights for those who can’t fight for themselves, and works to see the corruption of Baldur’s Gate come to an end.

Stiletto then asks the entire group if they would be willing to do the same. The Rascals explain their positioning with Silvershield and that they would indeed like to arrange some peace between the groups, to find a larger threat, which seems to be demon worshippers of some kind. Stiletto agrees to this, although she clearly believes the government will not seek anything but the destruction of her people. She will speak to Rilsa Rael about what happened and what is proposed, although she does not have high hopes for success in this regard. As a side note, Ander mentioned to his mom, the two Flaming Fist that assaulted him. Instincts kicked in, and she said she would, ‘take care of it’.

With directions from Stiletto on how to get back into the city, via sewer, in order to avoid further entanglements with the Fist, they headed off.

But, not before meeting another unlikely blast from Uruag’s past. Ryllyn of the Order of the Hidden Hand, the some monastic order the half-orc is apart of, discovers them. She had been tracking Uruag for some time, hearing of the Heroes of the Wide’s exploits. She explained she was tracking kidnapping along the Sword Coast, when she came across a terrible sight. Instead of explaining, the group, going through the sewers and out into Lower City – following Stiletto’s instructions.

They soon came to an ordinary looking house that the monk showed them. Going to the basement, and down a long flight of stairs, they came to a large circular room, with a deep, dark pit at the bottom. Hanging at the center was a circular stone tablet, with the face of Bhaal carved into it. There was evidence of blood and potential sacrifice in the chamber. But, just as the Heroes investigations were leading to answers, a torrent of blood rained down from holes in the ceiling. It covered Ander, Vogel, Uruag, and Ryllyn, from head to toe.

That’s when the two gelatinous oozes struck, burning away at clothing and more. Despite that, with good teamwork, they liquefied the creatures.

They found this was a good time to flee, but the door at the top of the stairs was now blocked, locked from the outside. When the burglar tried to open it, it set off an explosive trap of fire and concussion. Xin and Vogel were knocked tumbling down the stairs. They just barely avoided sliding into the pit, which would have spelled certain doom for them both.

Recovering, the party limped away, knowing someone must be on to them and their investigations. Uruag’s sister bid the group farewell, in hopes of gathering aid from the Order. At the edge of the entrance back into the Undercellar, the group hopes Stiletto’s directions hold true and ferry them into Upper City. Night has fallen, the Upper City gates are closed, the Flaming Fist may be looking for them, someone just tried to murder them and cover them with torrential downpours of blood, and they need to get to Silvershield. Following the instructions, they descend the ladder into the sewers. Reviewing the next part of the directions, they are to take a number of turns, before they find a man who will take them the rest of the way, across the wall – a man named, “The Fetcher.”



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