Rascals of Elturel

Tracking the Wool Trader


The Three Old Kegs became a place of both safety and danger. It was unclear where they could turn for answers, but if the Guild wanted a fight, the Rascals of Elturel would answer that call. That wool trader would need to finally answer some questions. As of that moment though, all of their leads were turning up sour or not present.

Disguised as a Patriar woman and her lamp lad, Uraug and Ander headed to the commerce consumption madness that is the Wide, in order to track down the sheepish man. After some investigation, they finally found the rotund retailer and his wooly pals. Dlusker didn’t seem very interested in selling his wares to Uruag, when she attempted to make some inquiries about his goods. Proving to be strange, indeed, the duo decided they would keep an eye on the man, to possibly follow him home after the day was done.

Meanwhile, the party of five hears more word from the local rag, the Baldur’s Mouth. This time they hear that the Flaming Fist is cracking down on lawbreakers, suspected and otherwise. Word is a Halfling or Gnome did away with a man that washed up in the bay the other day, wrapped in a rug. Now the Fist is shaking down every one of age under four feet. Between that and the recent vandalism that has plagued the city, and the trash that is piling up, there was also a not-so-subtle slight against Marshal Ravengard in the paper, questioning if she had the balls for her job – let alone to possibly join the Council of Four, as was the rumor.

Xin wandered the local district, finding tall pagoda-like tower that caught her eye. The door seemed distressed and it was certainly locked, but no guards were standing by. Vogel explored the magic shop of wonders known as Sorcerous Sundries. The strange domed structure had just about every strange arcane component one could imagine. It radiated mystical energy. Vogel got in a very friendly chat with Gilligunn, a very short older man with a large nose and ears. They swapped stories and the Bird sought to come back to help out. Gilligunn stammered, but said, that would be okay. Meanwhile, Supe lay low, thinking the city was after him due to the “rug incident”.

At the end of the day, the group, led by Xin, the resident tracker, followed Dlusker to his home in the Northeast section of The Wide district in Upper City. Uruag disguised herself as one of the Watch, as the group knocked on the man’s door. There was no answer, so Ander arranged another solution. Soon, they were inside the house, but upon quick investigation by Swarly, they discovered they were alone. Not only that, but the place was deserted.

Soon they were on his trail again, tracking him out the back door and through Heap Gate and into Lower City. They found Norold inside a much less distinguished home in Heapside, just on the other side of the Upper/Lower wall. With Uruag now disguised as a member of the Flaming Fist, the group insisted on entry to this small home and began and intense questioning of the blubbering wool trader.

He revealed, after a lot of hesitance, that he was a money launderer of sorts for the Guild. He would drop a load of gold into his former residence, behind the mantel, and they would pick it up randomly during the week. He lost his home due to crippling debt and could not afford to maintain it, and his several businesses – hence living now in Lower City and making what extra he could through the good graces of the Guild. He spoke of the Guild with a healthy bit of fear and respect. He had no love for them, which was for sure.

Just then, there were footsteps on the roof, and Uruag, the woman of many faces, jumped into Norolds sagging soggy bed, in disguise. Several people dressed in white and black stepped inside asking Norold some questions, which Uruag poorly impersonated. The game was afoot and battle was engaged.

Soon, Xin and Supe were fighting an orc and a sword-wielding man downstairs, trading bloody blows. Vogel deafened half the room upstairs, including poor Ander. Uruag was furiously striking her opponents. The battle was fierce, and several of the invaders fell dead to the ground, with only one being knocked unconscious.

Then, Ander stepped out to strike a diminutive woman who was fighting with Vogel. The woman dodged the blow, but upon seeing the small thief, muttered a single word, “Ander…” – which the deaf Halfling could not hear, but the elf-witch could. The woman called for a retreat and then dove for the window, jumping into the night. Vogel, on instinct quickly followed, casting a falling spell upon herself as she did.

The elf did not make the jump. She held onto the roofs edge, where the small woman stood above her. She uttered, “Do not follow me,” and stepped on the sorcerous’ fingers, causing her to fall to the ground, safely.

Who was that woman? Why did she call a retreat? Was this the Guild or someone else? Was the fat man still stuck in a closet downstairs? What will the Heroes of the Wide do next? Check it out, this week, on “The Sundering.”



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