Rascals of Elturel

Arrests and Massacres


(To Be Rewritten) Long and short of it – half the party (Xin, Supe, Uruag) was arrested by the Watch after fleeing the explosion at Silvershield’s (for the supposed murder of Silvershield, destruction of the estate, and “a half dozen other things”). While they spent the night in the brig, the others (Vogel, Ander) met with Layla trying to plan the others rescue. The next day, while being transported from the Watch in Upper City, to the Flaming Fist in Lower City, the arrested group got caught in a giant mobs of protesters at the entrance to Upper City (Baldur’s Gate). It was 2,000 citizens on one side and 2-300 hundred mix of Flaming Fist and plain clothes folks on the other side. While moving through the mob, the plain clothes folks started firing crossbows down on you guys and the rest of the crowd. A riot and massacre ensued. Vogel and Ander, who were staking out the Flaming Fist prison, arrived at the massacre late. While everyone was getting pretty fucked up, and the Fist was knocking people back and out – the plain clothed folks seemed to be coup de grace-ing a lot of the fallen people. You were all being overwhelmed, but then three people in hoods came into the fray and led you all (including the late arriving V&A) to, what you are assuming is a safe house, and also who you are assuming are the Guild – although you don’t know whether either of those things is true, as the game ended just as you entered the escape house.



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